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Yes, we know you are travelling to Luton or intending to do so soon, and you need some helpful tips with short term rentals in Luton, UK. You are most likely considering a trip with business colleagues, contractors, or a corporate team. Or, as holidaying and leisure demands, you may be considering a trip with a romantic partner, friends, relatives or family.

You may be a student, researcher, tourist, or a curious potential visitor coming for any other professional or personal reason. But at this point, about why you’re reading this article, it matters little what category you fall into, doesn’t it?

It does.

What matters is that you’re seeking to travel with confidence. And Huku Kwetu is right here to the rescue with the best of corporate accommodation and guest hosting.

But you want to know:

What makes Short Term Rentals in Luton better than Extended Hotel Stays?

Luton, large and illustrious, mirrors one of the most modern shows of urbanity and scenic charm in Europe. If you want to enjoy the exciting hustle and bustle of London or seamless navigation around a residential but yet fun-filled community, Luton has to be your pick.

And as touches accommodation in a residential area, no extended-stay option beats short term rentals in Luton. Many hotels may claim low prices and a wide array of selection, and although they may have told no lie, the claim rarely applies if your stay is an extended one.

Short term rentals, furnished and serviced, are well placed and tailored for full-time life (same way you would have it at home). While a hotel in Luton gives you the feel of a foreigner, howbeit comfortable and modern, a serviced accommodation gives you the same and more.

Every worker or holidaymaker deserves to feel at home even far away from home. With short term rentals, you get the complete package of home, including the kitchen liberty for meals of your choice.

But you may want to know too:

Why Choose Huku Kwetu?

Huku Kwetu survives on the foundation of commitment to help travel groups seeking to bond by providing suitable rental homes [away from home]. We know firsthand the efficacy of mutual understanding and a team spirit for business or contractual work, and we know the bubbling magic of family or friends reunions. Huku Kwetu means “Our Home.” It mirrors our painstaking efforts at focusing on the comfort of our clientele.

Within Luton alone, Huku Kwetu has about eight (8) Houses:

Huku Kwetu Spacious 4Bedroom House

The numbers are enough to help you find a home no matter where you choose to stay within Luton.

Our Houses fit groups of travelling workers or holidaymakers, and we pick our locations with intent, to aid access to all major service points, landmarks and key city attractions. From these Houses, you can swish around town while retaining the relaxedness of home.


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Written by Karibu Qwetu • October 1, 2021
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