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Yes, you can travel to Dunstable with confidence this time. You only need opt for the right short term rental service.

And if it is going to be your first trip to the quaint UK city of Dunstable, there is only one way to find out how much it holds for you or your business.

Throngs of contract workers, organizational staff, academicians, tourists and vacationers make their way to Dunstable yearly. What is true about travellers, the need for the most intricate housing option arises before the trip.

While having hospitable friends or relatives can come in handy, it is not always the case. Besides, a group trip is not time for an accommodation option no better than a ‘squatting room.’

And although there are many housing options, short term rentals stand out in such a scenario.


Why Short Term Rentals?

Dunstable is a beautiful market town with urban settlements. Situated in the core of the historic county of Bedfordshire, England, it has a plethora of nature-studded recreational centres, art galleries and museums for leisure seekers.

Dunstable keeps on raking in visitors.

Hotel accommodation rarely, if ever, serves such visitors right. Except you’re coming in for a few hours, a day or a handful of them, what you need is a short term rental especially as a group.

Not only will you enjoy a homely atmosphere during your time away from home, you’ll get a chance at making your cost-effective budget work with an assurance of getting the right value for every penny.


Why Huku Kwetu?

Living Room Serviced Apartment Accommodation

Huku Kwetu Dunstable

Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing is a short term rental outfit over here in the UK. We have a track-record of satisfying clients with professional guest hosting. It is one of the reasons why in the previous year, recognized us as the choice of reviewers while in the UK.

In the very heart of Bedfordshire alone, we have:

Our houses are furnished for homely comfort and situated with the most care, to provide accommodation in an urban house while easing up movement around town.


Short term rentals don’t get any better than we give it. Be it a contractual team or family or friends preparing a holiday trip, we have got you covered. Now, you can travel with confidence.



To find out more about us, you can surf our official website, drop a message or reach us via our contact details.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • October 20, 2021
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