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As the summer approaches, so does the peak rental season. This is when most tourists look for places to stay during their summer vacation, making it easier for property owners to fill vacant properties at a higher rent price than in winter. Peak rental season generally happens between May to August.

Make the most of Peak Rental Season

How to make the most of Summer Seasons as a property Owner.


Time Lease to End in Summer.


To make the most of peak rental season and decrease vacancies, you’ll want to time your leases so that they end in summer. If offers happen on booking sites such as, make the most of it to get more tenants in your vacation rentals. 


Compare rental listings in your area.

Could you find out if prices have increased or if your competitors offer incentives or promotions? If rents have increased, you can improve your rent on new leases, and current tenants may accept a rent increase.

Spring Rental Makeover.

Whether you want to attract new tenants or retain the ones you already have, most tenants appreciate property improvements. Property improvements in the spring can make your property more marketable during peak rental season.

Consider your location.

If your property is in an area where most tourists like to stay and enjoy the nightlife, such as Nottingham, consider adding promotions for summer earlier in spring since most tourists prefer booking in advance.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • May 19, 2023
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