Business and Holiday Visitors are now using Bowden House in Glasgow, Scotland

Why Visitors in Glasgow are using Bowden House

Corporate Accommodation in Glasgow, Scotland, has taken a new leap with the emergence of Huku Kwetu’s Bowden House. Designed for comfort and affordability, it now stands out as a housing option for business and holiday visitors.

As a Chief Executive Officer overseeing numerous businesses, I entertain business visitors a day in day out. Therefore, when the visitors plan to travel down to Glasgow, they expect housing suggestions from me more often than not.

The Best Corporate Accommodation In Glasgow:

Until the Bowden House, I had felt no satisfaction in extended hotel stays for my colleagues. Furthermore, the few times I had chosen corporate accommodation, the end made me feel as though the quality didn’t measure up to the money spent.

However, the miracle I did hope for did finally happened when a friend in my neighbourhood spoke to me about Huku Kwetu’s Bowden House several weeks earlier. In other words, when I checked in with a couple of my most recent business guests, they couldn’t be more delighted.

A birds-eye view of Glasgow.

First of all, the location was exciting. The Ibrox Stadium (the famous home of Rangers Football Club) was near; excellent news for holiday or business visitors who want to have some fun. Also, the University of Glasgow is a short drive away.

The lodge surpassed my expectations in comfort and de|`cor. The cushion chairs, soft mattresses, bed linens, lounge, and much more had the satisfaction I had been searching for in housing accommodations for many years. And for the first time, my lodging colleagues who referred to me as a perfectionist were amazed at how I could be satisfied with something.

Bowden House is provided by Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing company, alongside several others in Glasgow, Scotland.

Other Corporate Accommodations across the UK. are in Luton, Dunstable, Nottingham, Coventry, Doncaster, Kent, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, and  Manchester.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • October 30, 2020
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