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 Easter Holidays with Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing 

What makes Easter special?

The year is moving so fast and the Easter holidays approach once again. Easter is a day’s event (on the 4th) however, it echoes much more; it is a season, a holiday of merriment both for Christians and non-Christians worldwide.

Easter holidays are a period of loving reflections, reunions, family convergence, and heartfelt love. And as Christians worldwide celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, folks all over UK’s streets converge, loved and hyped up in the Spirit of jubilation.

Individuals organize egg hunts and family times for lunch and snacks in many circles. Easter is about resurrections for sure; the resurrection of dead or starved emotions, affiliations, and relationships.

And even though the streets would be lit and fired-up by week-long holiday activities, nothing matters more than where you fall back to for shelter at the end of each day. Oh yes, there’s home and the natural solitude it brings.

But what happens when holidaying and family get-togethers take some or all away from home?

Huku Kwetu happens! (Winks).

We provide housing solutions suitable for families, especially for week-long accommodation. Our houses are fully furnished and serviced with kitchens, TV and movies, making them as much homely as the one you may have to leave for Easter.

If you need love, great customer service, comfort, and space then, you should be with us. We have the perfect residential settings for Easter, good food, drinks, and every other thing your dream home has; we are your most suitable plug.

Easter never gets better; we’ve guaranteed you the perfect accommodation so you can worry about nothing else!

NB.: We are very much conscious of and part of the global fight against Covid-19, and we adhere strictly to all the National rules and guidelines for safety from the virus. We are therefore responsible for providing health safety for our staff and clients and ensuring all lodgers keep to their end of the arrangement. We’ve got your health covered!

We offer housing solutions within the United Kingdom, and you can get to book or know more about the nearest house/apartment to your location by hitting us up through the contact details below:


Call: +44 (203) 488-44861



Text: +44 (744) 776-1962

Written by Karibu Qwetu • April 2, 2021
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