The Maltings Huku Kwetu- A New Apartment In Dunstable

The Maltings- Huku Kwetu: An Insight into Huku Kwetu’s latest Corporate Accommodation Option

We are more than happy to announce the launch of our latest apartment in Dunstable; THE MALTINGS.

It is no longer news that at Huku Kwetu, that we thrive to meet high Corporate Accommodation standards and we are willing to meet the very high expectations of our clients every single time.

We want to share with you everything you can expect when staying at The Maltings. None of the goodies below is new to regular guests because we pride ourselves on keeping the same standard through all our accommodations. However, our new lodge brings a fresh feel to housing with Huku Kwetu for the following reasons:

Huku Kwetu – The Maltings

 Six (6) Things To Know About The Maltings, Dunstable

  1. The House is the perfect family setup; it is close to M1 to foster access to business and recreational destinations and major intra-city service points. Even more, a car rental service is available at the holiday home.
  1. The Maltings is a fully furnished apartment with a spacious living room and 2 bedrooms (with three beds). The House is in a peaceful residential neighbourhood.
  1. This apartment can comfortably house four people. Suppose you’re seeking to travel with contractors, business colleagues, friends, family, or otherwise. In that case, this is the best housing option for you as it is cost-effective and most favourable for extended stays.
  1. Our kitchens are ultra-modern, satisfying stomachs as much as our bedrooms satisfy bodies and our living room eyes.
  1. Free access to WiFi, Netflix channels, clean toilets, and bathroom suites.
  1. Our Maltings apartment is on the 2nd floor of a two-storey edifice. Its 2 bedrooms consist of one twin bed in the first room and a double bed in the second. It has a free allocated parking space and is within walking distance to Dunstable shopping centre, pubs, stores and restaurants.

Huku Kwetu – The Maltings

What then are you waiting for? Hurry up, contact us, and place a demand before someone else does (winks)!

You can book our Maltings- Huku Kwetu  apartment or know more about other lodges nearest to your location by hitting us up through the contact details below:

 Call: +44 (203) 488-44861


 E-mail: /

Instagram: hukukwetu_

Facebook: Huku Kwetu UK


Written by Karibu Qwetu • May 27, 2021
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