Coronavirus| Guidance to Employers and Businesses about  Covid-19

In light of recent events, Huku Kwetu is taking steps to ensure our suppliers (Property Managers| Property Owners) have put precautionary measures in place to minimise the risk of spreading infectious disease in line with the government’s latest guidelines.


It’s a killer – Don’t let it get away with it!

Covid-19 is a killer, don’t let it get away with… the UK Governments guidelines


Please ensure that you have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of your staff and guests.

Urgent Action: Here are eight important action plan points to follow to prevent Coronavirus: – ACT NOW!

  1. Please take measures to educate your staff on the guidelines provided by the local authorities, risks of the virus and ways to identify the symptoms.
  2. Ensure that appropriate levels cleanliness are maintained and that staff are fully informed on ways to provide a clean and safe environment, both in the office and the apartments.
  3. Ensure that staff and guests are equipped with hand sanitisers and that the apartments are supplied with the necessary sanitary products.
  4. Following the general guidelines please avoid shaking hands at “meet and greet” or at the reception.
  5. If one or more of your employees are self-isolated, ensure a sound plan is in place to minimise disruption to your business.
  6. Please provide guests and staff with a fact sheet containing all the necessary information about self-hygiene and preventative measures.
  7. In case of suspected or confirmed infection, fully follow the government guidelines and take steps to minimise the spread to your staff, your guests and the wider public.
  8. If any guest needs to self-isolate, please ensure they have all the necessary supplies and information. Extend their booking, rearrange any future bookings and provide the guest in the house with the necessary support during the self-isolation. Also please give other guests clear advice and instructions on preventative measures in place.


In case of any questions, please contact or by phone +44 (0)203 488 4486