Business and Holiday Visitors are now using Haywood House in Glasgow, Scotland.

Fully-serviced apartments as the best Housing Option in the UK.

When looking to get the best fully-serviced apartment possible as a business or holiday visitor within Glasgow. Then look no further than Haywood House. A corporate housing and fully-serviced apartment like the Haywood House are gaining popularity among travellers within the UK.


Haywood House Apartment Bedroom

Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow has a strong social, cultural heritage and modern development.  Therefore, this sparked my wife and me to travel from Northern Ireland to Scotland for leisure and other holiday purposes.

We had planned to see museums and eat new exciting foods while in Glasgow, and we required suitable housing. And we found the Haywood House provided by Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing Company.

Haywood House is based in a residential area, nuzzled in the heart of town is one primary reason why fully furnished houses stand out from hotel stays.

Alongside that, we loved the bedding and decor and kitchen, which gave us the liberty to cook whatever we wanted. My wife and I loved every second.

In conclusion, other Corporate Housing solutions across the UK. Included in Luton, Nottingham, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Kindly CALL/TEXT for bookings or inquiries.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • October 30, 2020
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