7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Nottingham This Year

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Nottingham and Huku Kwetu This Year

Corporate housing in Nottingham has become more popular than ever before, a better lodging option when compared to extended hotel stays. Therefore, this is no debate that comfort-seeking business and holiday travellers across the UK have had their fair share of housing experience.

Bakewell House | Huku Kwetu Property Nottingham

Bakewell House | Huku Kwetu Property Nottingham


Huku Kwetu Housing in Nottingham:

More so, we at Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing Company have toiled effortlessly, all hands on deck to make positive inputs in improving housing services in Nottingham, just as we are doing in many other cities within the UK.

But, before you board a vehicle, hop into a train or book a flight unprepared and get wowed by Nottingham slangs like “Ey up mi duck:” (you’re warmly welcome), here are seven reasons why you must visit the illustrious city of Nottingham this year:





For the love of museums and site-seeing, one shouldn’t delay even for a minute in planning a visit to Nottingham. From the city’s Contemporary Art Museum to Nottingham’s Industrial Museum, there are dozens of monumental sites to visit as you explore the city.


Few will be at par with Nottingham if cities are granted recognition based on their cultural heritage. Nottingham buzzes with the richness of culture. It serves as home to dozens of historical locations like Nottingham Castle, Castle Rock and the oldest pub in England.


Above all, whether or not you would be in Nottingham for holiday/leisure, there’s no doubting the need to shop. If you ever need to go shopping, Nottingham is the right place for all the essentials you may need. Not minding your taste or pocket power, there is a shop for you in Nottingham.


There’s certainly a unique touch to the spirit of music, sport and other forms of entertainment in Nottingham. Therefore, we can take you through a list of sporting options and music hubs during your stay with us at Huku Kwetu.


Whether you think Robin Hood is a myth or not, you should visit Sherwood forest as you explore Nottingham, home to the protagonistic outlaw. If you hate corruption, you must be thinking what I’m thinking; all way leads to Nottingham!


Nottingham boasts of big writing names like D.H. Lawrence and Lord Byron. It is home to diverse literature and is a must-visit for the literature lover in the UK and even outside it. To cement its literary wealth, UNESCO Nottingham the ‘City of Literature’ in 2015, a well-deserved honour.


Nottingham is a warm, friendly city whose arms are very much open to foreigners and travellers. As home to confident people, they’d rather intimidate you with intriguing fun than with repulsiveness. And it is the same hospitality Huku Kwetu stands for as we seek to cement your pleasurable experience with icing on your cake each time you visit us.

We offer housing solutions within the United Kingdom, and you can book or know more by contacting us through the contact details below:

Call: +44 (203) 488-44861

Website: https://hukukwetu.com

E-mail: notts@hukukwetu.com / admin@hukukwetu.com

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • May 18, 2021
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