Temporary Service Accommodation

Temporary Serviced Accommodation

There is a famous quote ‘Homeless people don’t deserve your pity; they deserve your help ‘. Homelessness is a problem faced by every society due to some natural calamities, unemployment, relationship problems, gambling, domestic violence, poor physical or mental health or due to some other reason. It has become a complex social problem affecting the local community with competition in jobs, education and also affects the economy of the country.

Homelessness adversely affects the health of the person. A recent study reveals that the life expectancy of a homeless person is 47 as compared to 77 for the rest of the population which should act as an eye-opener for the government and the people.

Non Smoking Holiday Home

We as a community should come forward and help the homeless people by donating money, giving them food, donating new or used clothes, advocating for a local organization. We should also guide them to check temporary accommodation services.

The temporary accommodation service provides households for some time until your house gets repaired. It provides safe and secure accommodation after your house is affected by a natural calamity. Huku Kwetu is perfect when you are searching for a temporary accommodation service. Huku Kwetu provides cost-effective accommodation in the United Kingdom. They provide more housing choices, extra space, and flexibility in offers. They have expertise in insurance housing, temporary living accommodation, and customer service along with vast resources of suppliers.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Huku Kwetu provides furnished apartments for your comfortable stays, provides amenities, housekeeping and a range of special services for guests if required i.e swimming pools, gardens, golf course, etc. It is very helpful when you are out of town for some office assignments or any family trip.

Emergency services 

They have an amazing dedicated response team available around-the-clock for the sufferers of natural calamities living across the United Kingdom because disasters can strike anywhere at any time. They are here to assist all our United Kingdom families, 365 days of the year and make them available comfortable housing quickly and efficiently.

Written by Karibu Qwetu • January 6, 2020
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