Visitors in Dunstable (Bedfordshire) are now using this Housing Option when in the UK.

A lift of the lid on Furnished Apartments as a Housing Option in Dunstable (Bedfordshire)

I travelled with my 10-year old son from Leipzig, Germany to Dunstable (Bedfordshire), United Kingdom, only a month ago. I wanted him to have a pleasurable holiday treat for many reasons, so I allowed him to pick a destination of his desires. He eventually chose the UK, and we both couldn’t be happier. When he narrowed his choice even further by mentioning ‘Dunstable,’ I got a bit confused. 

However, on questioning him, I realised that he had a friend who had experiences of fully furnished apartments with his parents in the UK. I couldn’t choose a housing option since he had done so already (moreover, I planned the visit as a treat for him, not me). When the trip became a reality, I was excited about the choice he had made. In the process too, I learnt a lot about the town and why serviced accommodation is the best option.

House Option - Dunstable (Serviced Accommodation)


Dunstable is placed effortlessly in a perfect position in the UK. And in addition to having numerous residential locations, the Bedfordshire town is one of the best places to live in when in the UK. 

 It is so mainly because many other towns, cities and even countries are accessible from it. The town borders Luton and offers a vital route to London. Restaurants, cafes, stores, parks, gardens and recreational centres, and many more are available all over the town.  Its airport also connects the city to other British territories, even to some parts of Europe outside the UK. 

 But beyond the town’s spark, it is my experience and that of my son that I wish to share.


My son had lost his mother, my wife, two years earlier. Years had passed, but our hearts still bore much heaviness. It made me bent on having a thrilling holiday experience with my son. As a result, I presented the idea of a trip far from home, strictly on his terms.  “This should give him the happiness he hasn’t found in years,” I thought.

My eyes met far more than they could ever expect when I checked in with my son after we arrived. The lodge we used was the Huku Kwetu’s Chelsea Gardens in Dunstable. From the clean and green environment to the homely appearance the lodges had from outside, everything matched the pictures I had earlier shot in my mind. And then came the endearing living room cushions, an enticing television perfectly sized for the video games we brought with us, a bed fit for kings, free internet and more further watered our mouths.

 I heard new springs of outbursts of laughter from my son that evening. I saw in his face a rare type of brightness. It was one I hadn’t seen since he lost his mother. A new home wasn’t the only gift I received. New excitements on old faces were too.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • June 30, 2020
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