How To Get The Best From Self-Catering Serviced Accommodation

How To Get The Best From Self-Catering Serviced Accommodation 

Learn How To Get The Best Of and From Self-Catering Lodges 

Self-Catering Serviced Accommodation:
Due to numerous housing options right now, some housing clients often face a hard time choosing a suitable accommodation option. However, such confusion would disappear if you let me guide you through on how to get the best accommodation.

I used one such home for the first time in 2018 when a small band of construction site workers I was a part of, travelled from Northern Wales to Dunstable, near Luton Airport – England. 

Men from Work cooking in self-catering accommodation

Men from work cooking in self-catering accommodation -Huku Kwetu Corporate Accommodation

Of course, we planned to stay in Dunstable beforehand, as it was close to our construction site. Out of all members of the travelling team, I was the newbie and the only one not to have had the experience of lodging in a fully-serviced accommodation.

Before the trip, I listened to my colleagues as they all placed the imminent housing option side by side with contemporary hotel accommodations, comparing them. 

Long story cut short; when we got to Dunstable and checked into the self-catering lodge, I could not be more amazed! 

It was a fully-furnished accommodation option with every bit of homely feeling possible while away from home. From the scenic environment outside to the natural green to the interior furnishings, all I saw superseded my expectations.

A few hours after arriving, it was evening and it became clear what my colleagues had meant all along when they spoke of the flexibility of cooking and food options.

A fully furnished kitchen for your disposal

I heard loud voices from the fantastic kitchen, and I walked in to find my colleagues arguing over what to cook, and everyone was making suggestions based on their favourite dish. I could only stand back and laugh at their humourous sassiness. 

Then finally, Charlie, a colleague we called The Clown exclaimed, “Look, everyone! Whoever can explain best why the food items required for his meal option is the best for us will have his suggestion picked.” There was an outburst of laughter and that unfolded to be the longest and most hilarious night I have ever had.

That experience made me realise how different self-catering serviced accommodations are when compared to traditional hotel lodges. 

Self-Catering Accommodation - Man Cooking

Man cooking, smelling aroma -Self-Catering Accommodation

Housing clients often get tired of the taste of hotel food options chosen and made for guests. Self-catering accommodation options provide the luxury of clients deciding what and when to eat and getting to cook it themselves, strictly on their terms.

Why Huku Kwetu?

It was for this reason and more that we chose Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing Company for our accommodation solution.

Huku Kwetu offers housing solutions on lease across all major UK cities as well as non-major market areas. Self-catering Housing options are available in Luton, Dunstable, Nottingham, Coventry, Doncaster, Kent, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Manchester, and many other cities.

Fred Agaga | Guest Writer

Written by Karibu Qwetu • May 27, 2020
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