5 Amazing Easter Weekend Celebrations in the UK—Huku Kwetu Serviced Accommodation.

As temperatures rise in the spring, so does life and adventure all over the UK. And it’s no different during Easter every year.

Although Easters are not known for [official] nationwide holiday schedules, they do come with sparks, fun time-outs, get-togethers and weekend celebrations.

So if you’re looking to spend the event this year in a remarkable way, we bring you five (5) amazing Easter weekend celebrations within the illustrious United Kingdom.

They are:

  1. Easter Egg Hunts

Easter celebration is as old as it is important in the UK, and every opportunity to make fun in the season is embraced with vigour.

In London and other English cities, children, believing that the Easter Bunny leaves chocolates behind for them for being well behaved, hunt for eggs around gardens. Egg rolling, a fun activity that involves rolling eggs over grasses and hoping everyone else’s cracks, follows. You win when yours survive the cracking spree.

Holidaying families with kids are going to love this especially. These events are hosted across jaw-dropping green sceneries, lawn fields, exquisite gardens and the likes.


  1. Longleat Park

Longleat Park in Warminster, Wiltshire, is the best safari park in the UK. If you like to see a wide array of animals, watch your kids have the time of their lives with numerous fun activities and drive through wildlife, Longleat is the place to be for Easter.


  1. Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival

This event is the biggest of its kind in the UK, and it is sponsored by Taste Cheshire. Here, you have the best of the UK’s food, drink and lifestyle in the spirit of festivity. With more chefs to cook than ever before, this event is perfect for the foodie or partyer who loves to celebrate the bright hope that Easter brings with a merry heart.


  1. A Medieval Spectacle in Leeds

Want to see battles from the mid-ages without having to binge-watch medieval seasonal movies like the Game of Thrones? Then you should find your way to Leeds, UK for an Easter weekend this year.

Every year, at the International Jousting Festival, the Royal Armouries Museum sets Yorkshire in Leeds ablaze with this beautiful vintage contest. Teams from around the world come together to make the festival an action-packed experience for expectant spectators.

Not only do you get to watch the knights, but you can tour the stables for the prep processes before the actual battles!


  1. Traditional Easter Concerts

The UK boasts of some of the best Easter concert events for a reason. The traditional music events here are some of the most evoking for Easter. For Example, the Royal Albert Hall has seen the Royal Choral Society of London perform every single Friday since 1876.

If Easter gives you an appetite for good music, you should attend traditional Easter concerts within the UK.




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Written by Karibu Qwetu • April 6, 2022
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