7 Guest Hosting Tips for the Fully Serviced Accommodation Host

7 Guest Hosting Tips for the Fully Serviced Accommodation Host:

Starting a fully-serviced accommodation business is exciting and perhaps what is even better is acquiring as many houses as you can. It is important to understand the business in your locations, how to infiltrate the market while sticking to the housing rules established.

However, if you go into this without proper management or knowledge of what makes a  good accommodation host from a bad one, every other effort becomes more or less wasted.

Building a successful serviced accommodation business is way more than just acquiring ‘good’ houses and putting them out for potential guests to notice. Serviced accommodation owners should have the kind of housing and customer service that makes clients fall in love, leaving them with the desire of making use of your provisions again and again.

Here are some simple but highly effective guest-hosting tips as known and applied by Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing Company here in the UK. Follow these guest hosting tips, and you will leave clients fully satisfied, always flocking back for more.

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1. Have in-depth knowledge of the business

There is no other way to succeed at a thing than to have a thorough knowledge of it. In fact, you should know most things about a business before venturing into it.

You may never learn how to host your guests well enough until you gather sufficient knowledge of the business and understudy other companies or individuals who are known to be attracting loads of mind-blowing reviews for their accommodation system.

You can achieve this by getting a business mentor, interacting with other likeminded people, studying related materials, researching, etc.

2. Turn your house into a home.

As you know, a somewhat taut or uneasy feeling easily comes with being away from home, particularly when the new/temporal ‘home’ doesn’t feel or look like home.

For goodness and business sake, expel such effect from your accommodations.

Make your accommodation glow by upgrading from just houses to homes. Exterior and interior furnishing, decoration, beddings, kitchen stocking and the general environment must reflect and radiate the comfortable effect of a home.

The only way to make your property a home away from home is to make it look and feel exactly so. Consider all the bits that build up your home to being what it is and do just that with your serviced accommodation business.

3. Assure clients of and ensure the safety of lives and property

Guests naturally want to feel secure when they use your property. Whatever hampers their sense of safety is a threat to their lives and consequently, a tangible reason never to make use of your property.

Think about it this way: would you, the owner of the property, live in it if it were not safe? If you suspected that the walls would crack or the house wiring could leave you electrocuted at any point, would you lodge even for an hour inside the property? These thoughts are even enough to ignite a feeling of insecurity, talk more of the reality of such dangers.

Your properties must, to a large extent, assure guests of and ensure safety. Assure them that thefts, domestic mayhem, harmful people, etc. have no place in your property and give them genuine reasons to believe so.

4. Be transparent and truthful to clients.

Your desire to please your guests must never drive you into dishonesty and exaggerations of what they would benefit from the housing with you. If you do, your ‘offers’ become more of a disservice than a reason for you to land more clients.

Don’t promise them free rides around town when you know nothing of such would be happening. Never, never lie to any client to make them feel good.

If you cunningly attract a client, be assured that you’ll be the loser at the end of the day. Not only have you lost one client, but many others who may have come from the same client as referrals. In fact, via bad reviews, you would have lost other clients who have had no physical contact with the misled client.

5. Look after your environment.

Many people keep their homes clean for the sake of their overall health and to keep their eyes delighted, not constantly turned off by dirt. In like manner, the exterior and interior outlook of your properties must remain dirt-free for the sake of its users.

Especially during the current climate, the cleanliness of your property should be at the forefront of everything before you invite anyone to stay with you.

6. Establish a hurdle-free check-in

Check-in should be stress-free for clients. No inconvenience, especially if avoidable, should befall your guests. And having a poor check-in process is a good way to begin things on a bad note.

7. Establish honest communication with guests

Truth be told, you’re not going to please every client or guest. You can’t be at the top of your game all the time. Things are bound to go wrong sometimes, and even haywire on some of such occasions.

These would mean depressing clients sometimes instead of impressing them, hence attracting unfavourable comments or reviews. At first, this may seem not good for business, but for the long haul, such experiences and reviews help business by keeping hosts on their toes and upgrading their services as much as they should.

As such, hosting guests require establishing portals of honest communication with clients. Both positive and negative reports help by making hosts recognize strong points and weaker ones to solidify.

Equally important is the need to communicate before and during your guests’ stay. This entails providing pre-information and keeping up with the needs, thoughts, and opinions of your guest as concerns your property.

These guest-hosting tips are provided by Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing Company, a serviced accommodation company that provides Housing solutions across the UK. We are in Luton, Dunstable, Nottingham, Coventry, Doncaster, Kent, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Glasgow, etc.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • February 15, 2021
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