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It’s yet another season of love and romance—just about the right time to let out all the couple-bliss there is.
Families, friends, dates and romantic partners are warming up in anticipation of love, good food, sweet-smelling roses, dates, scenery and memories that never grow sour.
So if you’re craving the most romantic valentine getaways for you and your partner and you’re set to spend 14th February in the UK, you should place the following destinations on your checklist:

If the romance of a scene as colourful as the love you share with your partner appeals to you, Dunfermline is a must-visit destination for this valentine.
Scotland’s ancient capital city and a town in Fife, Dunfermline is a flowery choice for site-loving couples who love the magic of a free and lively atmosphere.
If you find yourself in Dunfermline, you should comb through:
• Dunfermline Abbey
• St Margaret’s cave
• Verdant Pittencrief Park
• The Tomb of Robert the Bruce
Does history, culture and landscaping have a lot in common?
Why not come find out in Dunfermline this valentine?

If love is beautiful indeed, the heartfelt warmth, solitude, calmness and free-spiritedness it embodies must receive credit.
If love is a place, it is the Isle of Skye. This perfect valentine getaway destination offers you:
• A picturesque setting free of residential bustles
• A rugged and adventure-friendly landscape
• Ancient castles that quaintly ignite romance
• Beautifully laid out villages
• A priceless view of an enveloping cloud and sky
So if you want to find out if the heavens do kiss the earth, you should head straight for the Isle of Sky.


Cornwall County is pretty much known for its scenery, warm romance, art and tourism charm. And while different towns offer diverse shades of magic, St Ives is known to strike a sweet balance in combining all the specials that make Cornwall a county to visit.
St Ives is known for:
• Surf beaches
• Art galleries
• Boat trips
• Beach cafes
• Island views
If you’re seeking new adventures, looking to see valentine romance redefined, why are you not in St Ives already?

How about a coupled-up walk in cobbled streets and alleys with tall buildings around? If you and your partner fancy museum galleries, walking through city walls and munching some of the best desserts in the world, hurry now to York for a never-to-forget valentine getaway!

There’s something about lakes and lovers. Perhaps it’s the water, the helpless drowning in the warmth of another’s love. Or, it’s the nature surrounding the waters, the many other reasons why we have chosen to stand by our partners or have them stand by us.
But whatever it is that magnets you, the Lake District offers it. And there are a lot more extras too.
We can’t talk about the best romantic valentine getaways in the UK without a special spot for Lake District because it offers couples:
• A picturesque landscape.
• A beautiful sunset from a mountain.
• A boat ride in Derwentwater
• A picnic with a stunning Lake District view, etc.

What’s more, you can enjoy these valentine getaway destinations within the UK with your lover while housing in fully furnished, homely accommodation.
We offer housing solutions within the United Kingdom, and you can book or know more about the nearest lodge to your location or intended destination by hitting us up through the contact details below:

Call: +44 (203) 488-44861
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Written by Karibu Qwetu • February 14, 2022
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