7 Qualities of a Corporate Housing Company to Look Out for…

Qualities of a Corporate Housing Company to Look Out for…

Here are seven features of a corporate housing company to consider:

Corporate housing is very different from hotels, as this type of housing provides a better and flexible option for business or holiday travellers. Before picking any serviced accommodation for your trip,  you have to be sure of what quality awaits you. Huku Kwetu presents to you the 7 qualities to watch out for before deciding on what corporate housing company to stay at for your next trip.

These qualities are:

Corporate Housing Bedroom

Corporate Housing from Huku Kwetu

 1.  An understanding of the industry. 

Never make the mistake of lodging with fledgelings. By fledgelings, we are referring to novices in the housing business. Make sure to do some research to ensure the company understands the business they’re running.  Not just ‘road-side landlords’ experimenting some random business options run by management with little to no knowledge and understanding of the industry.

 2. Top-notch Customer Service.

A corporate housing company is all about serving and pleasing its guests. It is not about how much wealth they can gather, but it’s about satisfying the clients they have to the max. Good corporate housing is managed by people who have a heart for people and to provide comfort for them.

     3. Homeliness 

Corporate housing stands out because not only do they offer flexible lodging duration but because of the sort of atmosphere it provides.

It is important that any accommodation has the capacity to tame a restless mind, especially guests who need peace or privacy for business involvements. COMFORT is the most important thing, and your space should feel and look like home!

     4. Cost-Effectiveness 

Corporate housing usually prides itself for being budget-friendly. The main goal is to offer more value for less monetary commitment. Therefore an excellent corporate housing business knows well enough not to overcharge its potential guests. 

     5. Good reception

Any corporate lodge that doesn’t receive guests properly is not only malfunctioning but may not need to be in the business after all. It is a client-centred business. Every guest deserves to be received and treated with the utmost value. Check out reviews!

    6. Deliberate Public Relations

A mutual understanding between hosts and guests is fundamental in the corporate housing industry. It is the company who is responsible to make sure communication is established.  The right housing is deliberate about relating to its public at all times, whether their property is in the clients’ use or not.

     7. Aptness in improving services 

The best corporate housing companies do not seek reviews because they want to feel flattered. Far from that, they do so to receive honest, even brutal feedback. They are more than quick and happy to improve on their overall services and in any area where a change, no matter how small, is required.

Any corporate accommodation company not interested in improving or considering the reviews of clients, favourable or unfavourable, therefore may soon fold up and can’t be relied on.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • January 22, 2021
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