How to Assess and Choose a Serviced Accommodation Provider

How to Assess and Choose a Serviced Accommodation Provider

5 ways to find the best serviced accommodation for your future stays

Serviced accommodation: You may be a contractor, student, tourist, or an entrepreneur planning a trip to a location far away from home, or you may already be a visitor to a new city. Whichever category you fall into, you desire to choose the best possible serviced accommodation provider (if, of course, you intend to use one).

It is true that serviced accommodation is budget-friendly and gaining more popularity than hotels on extended stays (without some long-term commitment). However, seeing the expanding presence of such housing companies, the challenge of choosing the right one comes knocking. This expository article reveals 5 tips to consider when making your next housing decision. It is an easy but unfailing guide on assessing and choosing a serviced accommodation provider in the next city you pay a visit to.

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Verify the market knowledge of the housing provider.

They may offer nice properties and locations but lack an enormous understanding of the business, such as a pleasing client. Peruse through their website (they should have one, shouldn’t they? If they don’t, how can their relevance be proven in today’s digital world?). Learn of their management. Contact them through the contact details on their blog or website. Do whatever helps you know how much knowledge the company has.

Know how well and long they’ve served the industry.

This may not directly reflect how good they are as a housing provider, but it does say a lot about their experience. Experience may not always mean that they’ve been at the business for decades;  it could simply mean that they’ve had few fruitful years of learning and growing in providing serviced accommodation.

Consider their relationship with past, present, and potential clients.

House standard.

Standard and quality must never be traded for cost-effectiveness and none should be compromised. While a serviced accommodation helps you save more on extended-stay trips, the standard of the lodge must be of decent or immense quality, depending on how much financial commitment is required of you. It shouldn’t look or feel like a regular hotel or motel room; a serviced accommodation should be just what it claims to be; comfy, warm, and furnished in the similitude of a home.

Consider reviews.

Reviews do not always reveal precise reality. However, a bunch of them saying the same or nearly the same things cannot lie. Both on the company’s website and other websites where the company’s properties are listed, peruse reviews and public opinions expressed by real people who have at one point made use of the serviced accommodation provider’s lodge(s).

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • January 11, 2021
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