A Happy New Year Message from Us to You

A Happy New Year Message 

Love from Huku Kwetu

Happy New Year. At the start of every year, there’s excitement in the air; people plan for themselves and the direction in which they wish to spend their year. They make resolutions, pen down big dreams, and anticipate their actualization. Especially due to the year we have had, this is even more important.

Happy New Year from Huku Kwetu

But here at Huku Kwetu, your comfort and satisfaction are what we carry in our heart, so overmuch that we are lost in our desire to improve on the tremendous services we offer you.

As you know that our priority is that we care about your experiences and feedback with Huku Kwetu.

And so as 2021 is upon us, our wish for you is the happiest of times as you warm-up to dance to our rhythm, our music that sounds better every year. We desire the very best of corporate housing for you as you plan your 2021 trips, and we hope for our sake that 2020 ends with all the setbacks with which it arrived and that 2021 holds a lot of good.

Congratulations on seeing off the year 2020. Happy New Year!


Huku Kwetu

Written by Karibu Qwetu • January 2, 2021
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