Hotel Rooms Sucks! – Why Corporate Housing is the Best Options!

Hotels Rooms Sucks | Corporate Housing is the Best Option a Million Times Over – Here is Why!

What Makes Corporate Housing the Best Option Other than Hotels Rooms.

With Corporate Housing becoming more and more popular, it is becoming less debatable. Whether corporate housing is a better option when compared with hotel rooms on year-long leases. So, what factor exists that makes Corporate Housing a better housing option than other kinds of accommodation?

 4 Bedroom, Two bathroom Corporate housing in a colourful Victorian terraced houses in a UK urban area. Better than hotel rooms

A beautiful 4 bedroom, two bathroom Victorian House with a private back garden – Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing.


Allow me to say this; First and foremost, one must be aware that corporate accommodations come fully serviced, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. When you pay the stipulated rate, it covers the entire cost of all the provisions made for you. Advantageously, renting such house for lengthy periods mean paying less since favourable concessions apply for extended stays. 

 Over here with Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing, accommodation prices vary based on the season of the year, the period of the week and the duration of your stay. However, our daily rates start from £79.97, subject to the number of people in the group. There is an extra charge for extra person per night.

And a weekly housing keeping fee which starts from £37.95 p/w, depending on the number of bedrooms in the house. (Remember: Huku Kwetu offers massive discounts, sometimes up to 40% for extended stays that are more than 28 days+). Check their website for any exclusive floating deals.

Okay, now to today’s core. Why should I choose Corporate Housing over other accommodation options?

On this post, our answer is simple and singular:


Corporate Housings come refurbished, furnished and well placed with the primary goal of delivering nothing short of a homely experience. It is ‘home away from home’ and having all homely exorbitance and comfort leads, to efficiency for lodging business groups or travellers, individuals or company employees.

At Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing, our clients regularly show how much they prefer corporate accommodation to hotel rooms, primarily due to the extended nature of their trips. With us, they can have the homely bonus of having to prepare their meal their way while enjoying the homely atmosphere.

Blue-collar workers lodge with us when they leave their homes in groups to cities across the UK for temporary contracts, staying with us for weeks or months. Ecstatically, they express pleasure often for their recently found preference over hotel accommodations and other gains that accompany it. 

Our homes are spacious, and we provide Free Wi-Fi, professional cleaning, a starter set of toiletries, 24/7 local support, secure keyless entry, airport transfer, free parking, etc. Our serviced accommodations are fully furnished with lavish sofas, eating and reading tables, kitchen oven, cooking gas or stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, drying and ironing facilities, microwave, 51 inches flat-screens TV, pillows, clean white sheets, towels, warm comfy beds, etc.

All you need to move into our houses are your clothes, other similar personal belongings and yourself (smiles). With us, you can have the perfect home feeling while far away from home. We offer temporary housing solutions across all major UK cities as well as non-major market areas. Business Corporate Housing options are available in Luton, Dunstable, Nottingham, Coventry, Doncaster, Kent, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Manchester, and now the City of London.
We’re steadily expanding to the town near you. Our clients are delighted with our brand and what to see us in all the major cities in the UK – and we accept the challenge with honour

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • April 23, 2020
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