How We Unearthed our Serviced Accommodation Goldmine Locations

Serviced Accommodation Affordable |How We Discovered A Goldmine

How we discovered our goldmine location, Now you can too.

How Huku Kwetu serviced accommodation project was unveiled. There are vital elements that should be looked at, when you’re selecting the perfect serviced accommodation (SA) property and the location of operation.

Therefore, it’s imperative to be aware of the supply and demand curve in your operating area. What generates the demand in your location choice and why. Where are travellers coming from? How long are the standard stay? You also need to know the spending power in terms of accommodation per night.

Consequently, this should determine what you should be ticking on your checklist to make sure you’re hitting a goldmine when reading this. 

Key elements to look for in your SA:

        1: Serviced Accommodation | Get to know your Operating location:

    Best Moments – The Market is turning to the best



Written by Karibu Qwetu • April 8, 2020
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