Happy Easter from us (Huku Kwetu Serviced Accommodation) to you!

Easter is [finally] here!

Whatever the season of Easter means to you, it echoes sacrifice, life, hope and a better future.

It’s an emotional holiday of warm, sober reflections about the journeys and processes that have ushered us to where we are today—and the ongoing dicey phases leading us to more beautiful, cosy days ahead.

So Huku Kwetu is here to remind you, regardless of how tiresome your trips are or how burdensome the accompanying work, that we’re always here to bring your soul relief with our homemade comfort.

Light comes at the end of the tunnel—Huku Kwetu at the end of every trip.

For us, “Happy Easter” is therefore beyond a wish or prayer; it is an experience we have prepared for you because we’re here to serve you.


With love,

Huku Kwetu Serviced Accommodation

Happy Easter From Huku Kwetu.


We offer housing solutions within the United Kingdom, and you can book or know more about the nearest lodge to your location by reaching out to us through the contact details below: 

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Website: https://hukukwetu.global

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Text: +44 (744) 776-1962

Written by Karibu Qwetu • April 6, 2022
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