Corporate Serviced Accommodation

The Top Destinations in the UK for Corporate Serviced Accommodation

Corporate Serviced Accommodation in the UK

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, corporate travel is an integral aspect of many companies’ operations. Whether it’s for meetings, training sessions, or project work, businesses often require temporary accommodations for their employees. In recent years, corporate serviced accommodation has gained significant traction, offering comfort, convenience, and flexibility. There are several standout destinations worth exploring for companies seeking the best locations in the UK to set up their corporate serviced accommodations. To begin with:






While established cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham remain prominent players in the UK’s corporate serviced accommodation (CSA) market, several rising stars are worth considering:

1. Bournemouth: In the first place, this coastal city boasts a growing economy, thriving digital and creative industries, and a strategic location near Southampton International Airport. The demand for flexible yet comfortable accommodation is increasing with an influx of young professionals and businesses.

2. Leicester: The “Good Growth for Cities” report highlights Leicester’s strong economy, making it an attractive business destination. Its central location, diverse industries, and growing student population create a demand for short-term accommodation solutions.

3. Norwich: This historic city is experiencing a resurgence in the tech and financial sectors, attracting professionals seeking a unique blend of urban living and historical charm. Compared to larger cities, the affordability makes it an appealing option for businesses and employees seeking CSA.

4. Reading: With excellent transport links to London and a growing tech hub, Reading attracts businesses and professionals seeking a convenient and dynamic location. The city offers a good mix of affordability and amenities, making it a viable alternative to the capital’s CSA market.

5. Oxford: Lastly, this prestigious university city boasts a thriving knowledge economy and attracts researchers, academics, and professionals from various sectors. The limited long-term housing options create a gap that CSA providers can fill, catering to this specialized market.


Regarding corporate travel in the UK, the choice of accommodation unquestionably plays a crucial role in ensuring a productive and enjoyable experience for professionals on the go. From the bustling streets of London to the historic charm of Edinburgh and the cultural vibrancy of Bristol, the UK offers a diverse array of destinations for corporate serviced accommodation. By selecting the right location that aligns with their business objectives and employee preferences, companies can create a seamless and rewarding travel experience for their workforce.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • March 1, 2024
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