What You Need To Know About Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes | The Pros and Cons of Vacation Rentals

What You Need To Know About Holiday Homes

When you finish reading this, I would have helped find out all that you need to know about holiday homes. Vacation rentals have their pros and cons like every other accommodation option available to business or leisure travellers.

This experience-motivated revelation will show you why holiday homes (Vacation Rentals)  are the best for you and your colleagues, family members, friends.

Huku Kwetu -Extended Stay - Holiday Homes

Huku Kwetu -Extended Stay | Holiday Homes

Last year December, my wife and I were faced with the hurdle of deciding a travel destination and accommodation option. After much drama and debates, we finally agreed to visit Luton, England for a Christmas vacation, which my wife suggested. After agreeing to the travel destination, I suggested the housing option of a hotel which I felt was good enough for our trip.

However, her comparisons and preferences were convincing enough to keep us both from another debate. That was when I heard of the Huku Kwetu Corporate Housing options for the first time.

Even though I knew a little of holiday homes, I had not made use of any. If not for my wife, who had experienced one a few years earlier with a family get together, we would have never known.

When we finally checked into the company’s vacation housing called Ravenhill in Luton, I finally understood entirely why ‘Holiday Home,’ was a perfect name for such a lodge. This accommodation experiences could not be better!

From the exterior decorations, serenity and to the general appearance of the accommodation’s environment.  It all made the perfect holiday.

Why Huku Kwetu?

The location was perfect. It placed in a homely residence, but it was not far from all vital networks in the city. It was a fully furnished apartment, designed entirely like a home away from home. The living room had a comfy sofa, coffee tables and a 51-inch flat-screen TV set with every needed channel available.

The bedrooms had amazing wardrobes, heating and lighting systems, a full-length mirror. Alongside a comfortable mattress augmented with pillows and bed sheet made from the softest of fabrics and duvets of matching quality.

From that experience, it was clear how much cheaper those lodges were in contrast with a long-term stay in a hotel. Never will I venture out again on another trip without the option of a vacation rental deeply seated in my heart.

Huku Kwetu offers vacation rental solutions across all major UK cities as well as non-major market areas. Our holiday homes are available in London, Manchester, Nottingham, Luton, Coventry, Doncaster, Kent, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Dunstable, and many other cities.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • June 2, 2020
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