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Particularly in a season troubled by a pandemic like Covid-19, health and safety are at the fore in considering the benefits of serviced accommodation in the UK. Aside from the luxury of exquisite comfort, man’s need for shelter unarguably trails down the line of history to the importance of health and safety, protection and coverage.

Over here in the UK, serviced accommodation is gaining more and more popularity for fully meeting such needs and has proven to be a better option (even for cost-effectiveness) than an extended hotel stay. Contract workers, corporate guests and holidaymakers are now finding serviced accommodation an over-the-moon experience of homely charm. They are making the most of it for health, comfort and safety reasons.

Hence, Huku Kwetu has compiled a list of health and safety-related points to help highlight the benefits of serviced accommodation. Below are five (5) of them:


Serviced accommodation minimizes exposure to health risks typically associated with social contacts and sharing of public spaces. Having a private residential area with amenities like a washer and dryer facilitates social distancing. It cuts down on communal or general use of equipment and services, and a fully-stocked kitchen rules out the need to eat in public or with a horde of strangers.

What is more, as the case is here at Huku Kwetu, our Corporate housing and vacation rentals provide personalized housekeeping and sanitation, contactless booking and check-in/out and other forms of reservation flexibility. There’s little or no room for viral transmissions with a private space specially designed for you because your wellbeing and health are of utmost importance to us.

Our cleaning regime guarantees you thoroughly sanitized accommodations in keeping with Covid-19 guidelines and other preventive measures for tackling a wide range of health risks. We have self-check-in facilities with a Key Safe or electric Smart Lock to enforce a contactless process, further burying the chances of viral transmissions or other health damages.


One of the standout benefits of serviced accommodation is its general suitability and flexibility. Individuals with extended stays, groups of contractors, business executives, holidaying families, and fun-seeking friends are all bound to find suitable serviced accommodation. You don’t have to split into different subgroups to occupy separate rooms; you increase the chances of indiscriminate contact with strangers if you do so. Despite numbers or purpose, a spacious, dedicated living area with the complete wings of a proper home fits perfectly.


With serviced accommodation, you get to eat what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want. A typical serviced accommodation has a fully-stocked kitchen with enough kitchenware and cookware to prepare and preserve any meal of your choice. There are a fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, coffee maker, toaster, kettle and other core cooking utensils and dishes in every house setup by Huku Kwetu.


There’s a reason why being home makes you feel healthy and safe. There’s a reason why pandemics or lurking danger makes good stay-at-home advice.  It’s not so much about your location or the deco your walls are made of, but about the people around you, the comfort, vibe and solitary seclusion. Serviced accommodations are made to look and feel like home, and homeliness is Huku Kwetu’s watchword. The ideal serviced accommodation is nothing short of home.


Environments play a vital role in health and safety. To do justice in highlighting the benefits of serviced accommodation, the place of strategic housing location must not be overlooked. Most serviced accommodations are located in business districts or city centres. Huku Kwetu has done the same with class, situating accommodations across the UK in major business districts, making access to prime areas easy and comfortable.

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • November 26, 2021
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