As a service accommodation provider, providing the right essentials for your vacation rental can draw in a lot of new clients by targeting their necessities and significantly increasing the guest experience. With over 800 million guests booking through the platform and over 150 million users, the success of your accommodation is in your hands.

Being a host isn’t just about providing a place to sleep – you have to take the full experience into account. As hosts are now competing with over 6 million listings, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

So what’s the best way to do this? Our advice is to offer all the essentials (which you’ll cover in your listing description that will guarantee even the fussiest guests feel at home.

Ensuring your Airbnb is loaded with a full range of amenities for each guest will make for a great all-around experience, and help prevent any negative reviews of your place.

Essentials to Ensure a Homely Stay

When listing your vacation rental or Airbnb, the platform makes it easy for each host to clearly state what it does and doesn’t have. Here’s our rundown of 110 of the most essential amenities to help you to attract guests and maximize their enjoyment of your home!

The Basics: Must-Haves

No matter whether your offering is a private room or a whole castle, all hosts should aim to provide these fundamental items:

Bathroom Essentials Checklist

For any vacation rental, it’s key to follow a cleaning checklist and provide all the necessary bathroom essentials:

Cooking up a storm: List of  kitchen essentials

Huku Kwetu guests having a homemade meal.

For many vacation rental guests, part of the appeal over traditional hotels is being able to cook hearty meals at the end of a long day visiting a new part of the world.

Help guests make their favourite recipes in their “home away from home” with:

Additional kitchen supplies

The great outdoors: open-air amenities.

Brunch at Huku Kwetu Brentwood House

Keep guests entertained in your outdoor rental space when you have some of the below:

Outdoor extras

Access all areas: Airbnb amenities for disabled travellers

Accessibility all through the house.

Increasingly, we see more and more accessible vacation rentals which are suitable for wheelchair users and travelers with other mobility issues. Ensure these guests consider your place for their vacation when you have some or all of the following:

Accessible additions

Family-friendly features: Airbnb amenities for kids

Kids toys at Huku Kwetu

Don’t miss out on appealing to families with little ones. Make the family vacation a memorable experience to be repeated when you include items that will make travelling that bit easier for parents.

Think about investing in these kid-friendly amenities:

Extra vacation rental amenities for toddlers

Staying safe: Airbnb host essentials to avoid danger

Peace of mind, whether travelling alone or in a group, is an important part of vacationing. Make sure your guests feel safe and secure when your amenities include:

Location highlights

When selecting amenities for your Airbnb listing, there is a section dedicated to your property’s location. Entice indecisive guests by ticking the box that applies to your vacation rental from the list below:

Logistically speaking

There are some features of vacation rentals that guests really appreciate knowing beforehand as they can save them from inconveniences down the line.

Be sure to mention:

The special extras: Airbnb amenities that you can charge for!

Not all hosts will be able to offer these amenities, but those who can really be able to maximize the guest experience – not to mention be able to reflect these luxury extras in their prices!


Written by Karibu Qwetu • March 16, 2022
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