The Pros of Long-Term Serviced Accommodations

What to know about Extended Stay Apartments:

If you have used extended stay apartments in the past, you would know a thing or two. However, whether you know little or nothing at all, you deserve to exhaustively understand this lodging option and how it changes the world of the housing when away from conventional homes. Your scope will be widened further after considering my experience with Huku Kwetu serviced accommodation company.

My experience:

Nottingham City Centre

Market Square is in the heart of Nottingham City Centre where families and friend eat and shop.

I was new on the team, having two other newbie-colleagues with us.  As we planned for the journey, I thought about the job in a completely foreign location, giving little consideration to available accommodation options since I opined it could never turn out a hurdle.

The company under whose name and mandate we travelled was not new to having to decide on housing options. Nonetheless, we were now heading to an unfamiliar terrain where they could choose only based on recommendations and findings, but not from any personal experience.

But after we set off from Malta, arrived at the United Kingdom, and then on to Nottingham’s Huku Kwetu, our uncertainties and fears over the unknown were expelled even before we could say much. The moment we checked in, it was obvious that we had made the right decision.

Unlike conventional hotel spaces, we noticed:

  1. A fully furnished and burnished residence, a lodge designed and situated as a home would.
  2. Affordability, especially when contrasted with long-term hotel stays.
  3. Information on the freedom to cook just whatever one wanted, when it was wanted and how it was wanted, was very correct!
  4. Free Wi-Fi, homely parking spaces and maximum security.
  5. Proximity to all major locations like the airport, restaurants, stores, etc.!
Nottingham City Centre Apartment - Crusader Mezzanine

Huku Kwetu’s Crusader Mezzanine Extended Stay Apartment – The open plan living room/dining room

With Huku Kwetu, my first experience with extended stay apartments and accommodates one stamped forever in my memory and in that of my colleagues, especially the fellow newbies. It was accommodation at its pure best and most modern form!

Huku Kwetu offers long-term serviced accommodation solutions across all major UK cities as well as non-major market areas. Their extended stay accommodations are available in the towns like Milton Keynes, Manchester, Luton, Nottingham, Dunstable, Coventry, Doncaster, Kent, Liverpool, London, and many other prime locations

Check them out! – Find a colourful collection of  Short, Mid, and Long-term listings – Corporate housing and Vacation rentals. All their selection are spacious, self- catering homes that you can choose from. Huku Kwetu specialises on large group accommodation (1-8 bedrooms) all with Free Wifi. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Guest Writer | Fred Agaga

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Written by Karibu Qwetu • August 28, 2020
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