Summer bookings.

Summer is one of the busiest times for vacation rentals, as people look for a place to stay while they enjoy the warm weather and go on vacation. It can be tough to stand out in front of all the vacation rentals in your area. If you own a vacation rental, you can take advantage of this high demand by following some strategies listed below to increase your bookings.


Highlight the benefits of your location during summer.

If your property is in a popular summer destination, highlight this in your listing. You can also mention nearby attractions and activities guests can enjoy, such as the City of Caves in Nottingham. You can cook meals, walk around the neighbourhood, and explore the city. For example, when you stay in a vacation rental in Nottingham, you can experience Nottingham like a local.

Use smart pricing to stay competitive.

Smart pricing is a strategy that uses real-time market and competitive data to automatically set the optimum price. This can be a very effective way to price vacation rentals, as it allows you to take advantage of market fluctuations and ensure that your rates are competitive. Staying competitive and keeping occupancy rates high is crucial during the summer season. Smart pricing tools can consider this, so you might charge more if there are a lot of other vacation rentals in your area that offer similar amenities.

You can take advantage of local events.

Over the summer months, many events are taking place, which you can use to your advantage to attract new bookings over the summer holidays. When you’re listing your vacation rental, be sure to highlight any local events that guests might be interested in attending. This could include festivals, concerts, sporting events, or farmers’ markets.

Offer discounts and promotions.

Consider offering discounts or promotions during the summer months to attract more guests. You can also offer add-ons, such as breakfast or airport transfers, to your listing. Some of the most common discounts offered when using includes early bird discounts and last-minute deals, which you can use when listing your property on

Be responsive to inquiries.

Respond to inquiries from potential guests promptly and professionally.  Responding to inquiries will show that you are available and interested in hosting guests during the summer. Being responsive to inquiries can also help you to learn more about your guests’ needs and preferences. This information can be helpful when you are trying to market your rental to potential guests.

Summer is a great time to get bookings for vacation rentals. By following the tips above, you can increase your chances of getting bookings for your vacation rental during the summer. Huku Kwetu, Corporate Housing Company, is a serviced accommodation company that provides Housing solutions across the UK. Book accommodation and enjoy your summer holiday with your family and friends.


Written by Karibu Qwetu • July 14, 2023
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