Huku Kwetu on YouTube!

Huku Kwetu is NOW on Youtube!

Suppose you’re a contractor, business, or holiday traveller who uses corporate housing across the UK. Then, you should stay updated with the latest videos of Huku Kwetu’s new houses springing up all over the UK. Therefore, there must be a better way to help you see for yourself what illustrious fully-furnished accommodations we have, except through the videos posted on our YouTube Channel?

Huku Kwetu is the Swahili word that means “This Is Our Home”. We are deeply focused on providing spacious, comfortable self-catering, serviced accommodation around the United Kingdom. Find a colourful collection of Long-term, Mid-term or Short-term rentals – (Corporate Housing and Vacation Rentals) in cities and towns near you.

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This YouTube Channel does what our website does, except that it goes further to present our houses filmed, on motion pictures.

Our spacious serviced-accommodation are better appreciated seen, and our YouTube Channel presents you with the opportunity to get to see them without necessarily travelling down to their various destinations. Our blogs write of them to you, but you get to see the general exterior view, its environs, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and restrooms layout and furnishings on our YouTube Channel.

If you want to find us on YouTube and other social media platforms, kindly follow the handles listed below:

YouTube: Huku Kwetu

Facebook: HukukwetuUK

Instagram: Hukukwetu_

Twitter: Huku_Kwetu

To learn more about our Corporate Housing within the UK, get in touch through the contact details below:

Call: +44 (203) 488-44861



Text: +44 (744) 776-1962

Written by Karibu Qwetu • June 15, 2021
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